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Date: 12/29/2010
Name: Adrian Spidle
Location: Waltham, MA USA
E-Mail: aspidle@aol.com

Comments: My mom was Jeannette Evangeline Marchand, daughter of Alfred X Marchand and Alvina Samson of Petit de Grat.  I'd love to hear from relatives no matter how distant:)

Date: 1/28/2011
Name: Gregory Martell
Location: Lower Sackville,  Nova Scotia
E-Mail: bender_678@hotmail.com

Comments: I use to live in D'Escousse many years ago.  My house where I was brought up in was torn down.  Today you would never know that the house existed at all.  I don't know if any one would ever remember me.  I had a sister named lisa and my mother's name is Joann Campbell.  For the first couple years of schooling I went to North Isle Madame Elementary.  That is all I wish to share.

  Date: 3/4/2011
Name: Jackie Kiley
Location: Maine, USA
E-Mail: Jackie.Kiley@gmail.com

Comments: Looking forward to vising Isle Madame this summer in search of my Kiely/Kiley and Latimer ancestry.  Welcome any information sharing.

best regards,
Jackie Kiley

Date: 3/8/2011
Name: Ralph& Eleanor MacDonald
Location: Thorburn NS
E-Mail: raelmacdonald@eastlink.ca


Date: 3/8/2011
Name: Scotty Reid "The Pigeonman"
E-Mail: jrfechanbrae@gmail.com

Comments: Really enjoyed seeing the photos of Isle Madame again, brings back memories of my time on Cape Breton in St.Peter's. A friend of mine's in Glasgow, Scotland (Canadian born) Dad was born in De'Scousse, Joseph King (Roi/Roy) son of Joseph LeRoy (King?) and Mary Jeanne Poirier. They were married in Arichat (Records show 2 pages of marriages for 1892-1911, not sure of exact date)
There's also a John McMinas?? and an Emma Petipas on the record, possibly witness's??
Anyway, keep your website going friend as you're helping your fellows keep touch with their home.
Hi' to the Keoghan's and anyone else who remembers Donna and myself.
Cap-Breton est toujours dans notre coeur

Date: 4/20/2011
Name: Sheri Skinner Bright
Location: Midland, Michigan
E-Mail: sheri1018@yahoo.com

Comments: I grew up in Arichat.  I miss the smell of the ocean and the closeness of the people. 

Date: 7/30/2011
Name: Mary-Alena Martell
Location: Los Lunas, NM USA
E-Mail: mugsadee@gmail.com

Comments: My Mother was born in Rocky Bay Nova Scotia in 1914 to a Jphn Peter Doyle and Margaret Keating.

Date: 8/27/2011
Name: Paul DeCoste
Location: Highland Lakes, NJ USA
E-Mail: pedecoste@gmail.com

Comments: Pat and I just enjoyed your hospitality.  The Isle and its people are beautiful.

Date: 9/20/2011
Name: Tony e' Mary Ruth Giglio
Location: Medford Ma. 02155 U.S.A
E-Mail: maryruthgiglio@aol.com

Comments: We have the great pleasure of living on the Island each summer.
The people are fabulous, friendly and fun to be around.

Date: 11/30/2011
Name: Carlyn Rush Cox
Location: Littleton, MA, USA
E-Mail: Carlynvcox@aol.com

Comments: My grandmother Louise Lavache Moquin was born and raised in Arichat. She moved to Massachusetts, married and brought up her family there.

Date: 1/3/2012
Name: Gerry
Location: Sydney
E-Mail: gerry_condon@hotmail.com

Comments: My father's parents were from Poulamon area and mom's from Louisdale.  Looking forward to visiting on this site

Date: 1/24/2012
Name: Marlene T Boudreau/Stoodley
Location: Mississauga Ont
E-Mail: lillytaig2@hotmail.com

Comments: I everyone in Cape Breton. I love my home town Arichat/Little Barrachois. Proud to be the Daughter of Patrick and Theresa Boudreau. Yes it is beautiful and a lovely place for vacation which I come home to visit every year. How are my Maritime Friends? A life of Party and beautiful place of peace and beauty.

Date: 2/12/2012
Name: Claire Semler
E-Mail: cpsemler@aol.com

Comments: I am beginning an exciting family history journey, as I explore my greatgrandmother's family line in West Arichat, Nova Scotia.  This is a nice tribute to the beautiful homes in the area. Thanks.  ~Claire

Date: 2/23/2012
Name: Jared Felix
Location: Lower Sackville
E-Mail: jared-felix@hotmail.com

Comments: My father is Gerald Felix from west arichat. Mother Phyllis Clorey from port royal.
How's everyone doing, can't wait to visit again this summer.

Date: 3/25/2012
Name: Mike Rideout
Location: Truro N.S
E-Mail: lonewulf62@hotmail.com

Comments: nice pics of Isle Madame nice place to be miss it alot

Date: 3/28/2012
Name: Liam Hearn
Location: Louisdale
E-Mail: littlehitman97@hotmail.com

Date: 3/28/2012
Name: Adonica Samson
Location: Arichat
E-Mail: adonicasamson@hotmail.com

Date: 6/5/2012
Name: beverly ann hunter kaye
E-Mail: mkaye21779@msn.com

Comments: my mother was the daughter of alexina and henry fougere of poulomon,  house #0069  she died in 1997 the last of her 13 siblings ,henry was a boat captain hauling supplies, and alexina was a farmer with farm animals , most of the sons worked on the ships of the great lakes, all the girls married and moved away from the area, my mother ida mae was the second youngest child she married james garfield hunter of halifax in 1942 she had 5 children ,4 girls 1 son

Date: 6/17/2012
Name: Rick & Barb Dyer/Poirier
Location: Great Falls , Montana/ NY
E-Mail: grizzlybear1@bresnan.net

Comments: My Father was a Poirier, changed his name to Perry get into the U.S. Army. the U.S. Army would let you in faster with an english surname.  He was born in D'Ecousse the son of Bernard Poirier

Date: 6/24/2012
Name: Barb Dyer (Perry/ poirier )
Location: Great Falls , Montana, USA
E-Mail: grizzlybear1@bresnan.net

Comments: My Dad was Simon Godfrey Poirier, his father was Bernard E Poirier, My Dad changed his surname to Perry when he joined the US Army, They liked you to americanize you name before you joined the army back then, he was born in 1903 in D'Ecousse . My husband and I will be visiting there soon , maybe next year, we are going to visit My cousins that live at, 158 Old wharf Road, Poulamon, Richmond County,( Sampson's) His wife is my cousin ( Poirier ) I am doing a family history on my ancestors .

Isle Madame

Date: 8/5/2012house
Name: Carol LeBlanc (nee Peebles)
Location: New Hampshire
E-Mail: cleblanc_1@comcast.net

Comments: I was born in Arichat July, 1941, my mother was Dorothy Young, daughter of Captain Frank Young and his wife Elizabeth Roast. I would love to know more about my mother's family and her childhood friends.  We visited Arichat during my childhood, staying with Agathe LeBlanc (LeBrun) and Edith Maloney. Wish I had listened closer to my mother's tales of Arichat, they were always interesting but I should have written them down.
Carol Anne Peebles/LeBlanc

I have a photo of the Young familyhomer. I think it resembles a photo you have on your webpage and wondered if the houses were one and the same.
http://www.islemadame.net/Page21.html picture #  im-0812.JPG
Any information you have re. my grandparents and their children I would love to hear.

Thank you

Date: 8/20/2012

Name: Lynda Maciejewski
Location: Alden, ny
E-Mail: Lmaciejew@aol.com
Comments: My mother was Margaret Marchand, daughter of Alvina and Alfred Xavier Marchand. If anyone would like to contact me, I would appreciate it.

Date: 11/5/2012
Name: David Mombourquette
Location: Fredericton N.B.
E-Mail: dave.mombourquette@rogers.com

Comments: Your pictures have caused me to recall my time on Isle Madame with great fondness.
I have many happy memories of my summer and frequent winter visits with my great uncle Clifford Poirier in Poirierville.
I also enjoyed being with Wilfred and Corrine Courdeau whom operated the farm across the road.
Many of the homes you feature are hallmarks of my childhood memories.
My parents maintain a mobile home placed on the original property after the home of my great,great uncle Frem(the original owner) burned in the 1970s.
I return to Poirierville often and love every minute of my time there.
Thank you for sharing your photos in this way. 

Date: 12/13/2012
Name: Deb Smith
Location: Medford, MA USA
E-Mail: debsmithful@gmail.com

Comments: My granmother's family were all from Arichat: Boudrot, LaVache, LeBlanc, Girroir, Babin and LeNoir.  Has anyone heard of the parish of "Petit Arichat"? -Deb Smith

Date: 12/23/2012
Name: Keith Pertus
Location: Bedford NS
E-Mail: kpertus@eastlink.ca

Comments: Merry Christmas to everyone back Home


Date: 1/8/2013
Name: Rosaline Forgeron (Briand)
Location: Pondville South, D'Escousse
E-Mail: forosaline@gmail.com

Comments: I think think this is a great site.

Date: 2/19/2013
Name: Jolene MacDonald
Location: dartmouth
E-Mail: jemd902@live.ca

Comments: my grandparents were Bernice & Peter MacDonald. They owned #66 in Poulamon. now my uncle takes care of it. its my favorite place in the entire world, and is the source of most of my fondest childhood memories. growing up in the city and having the chance to let loose on isle madame. the local police would do a nightly drive by of our house lol cant wait to get back!!

Date: 3/7/2013
Name: Mary (poirier ,perry, )Coombs
Location: Ma.
E-Mail: tatee00@icloud.com
Comments: I'm pretty sure I'm a descendent of jean and Jeanne poirier,
My grandfather was pierre poirier  my grandmother was clara forgeron my dad was born in cape breton I come from a large family of nine children  I'm currently in search of everything I can find about my ancestors . If I am correct so far I would be of the 6th generation ?
I wanting to someday soon to visit this place :)

Date: 3/14/2013
Name: andy gerrier
Location: livermore falls,maine
E-Mail: agcb@roadrunner.com

Comments: trying to track down the past my name gerrier had many spellings gerrior.gerior,girior etc trying real hard to find my great-grandfather edward or eduard the search use to be around st.pauls parish in somerside but now I am being led to isle de madame. thank you andy

Date: 6/25/2013
Name: Kathleen
Location: North Carolina, USA
E-Mail: searchformyroots@yahoo.com

Comments: I recently found a cousin who told me that my LeBlanc ancestors came from W Arichat, Isle Madame, Breton, Nova Scotia. Marie Belle LeBlanc was my great-grandmother. She and her fiancée, Abraham White came to the US in the late 1800's and were married in 1903 in Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Abraham LeBlanc and Sabine Forrest. I understand that the house that she grew up in still stands and that it may be currently owned by Jason Boudrot. If there is a photo of it on this website I would love to see it if someone would be kind enough to direct me there. I hope I can come and visit there some day! Thank you, Kathleen Collagan

Date: 6/28/2013
Name: Jacqueline Poirier Ford
Location: Alabama, U.S.
E-Mail: jackie_ss1@yahoo.com

Comments: Hello, I am so glad to see these pictures, grew up in the #159 house, was adopted by Bertie and Alice Poirier from Clifford and Alexandra McDonald, My Aunt Gemma Poirier, lives across the street, #158 and Dora Britton #129  Lower Poulamond as you cross over the bridge, is my aunt also.
Grew up in the house, which is no longer there, across the street from Minnie Martel # 221, I was about 5 when I was adopted. sister Corinne lives in the Senior Center # 209
 Thank you so much, Adopted sister found this and sent it on to me. Have a great day, and hope to hear from you.

Name: Julie Marden
Location: Hull, Massachusetts  USA
E-Mail: jmarden58@aol.com

Comments: My Grandfather, Joseph O. Power was born at home in Arichat around 1907. He and my Grandmother Cora (Johnson) Power lived in a small cottage on the Grand Dig Road before they built a new home on the High Road (I think) around 1964. Myself, my sister and cousins have very, very found memories of summer vacations spent there. What a beautiful place!!

Date: 9/19/2013
Name: Carola(Lola) Egilsson
Location: Pictou, N.S.
E-Mail: carola_fur@hotmail.com

Comments: Enjoy your site very much...my grandparents were Willie Britten and Annie Doyle of Porierville....I am forever trying to get information as to my Irish Connection...

Date: 10/4/2013
Name: Sheri Bright
Location: Midland, Michigan
E-Mail: sheribright@ymail.com

Comments: My maiden name is Skinner.  I was born in Antigonish and lived in Arichat til I was 18.  I miss the Island!  Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

Date: 3/25/2014
Name: Ed
Location: N.W.T.
E-Mail: edward_reeves@airware.ca

Comments: We grew up around Richmond Rd.

Date: 5/31/2014
Name: French Road Bakery
Location: French Road
E-Mail: frb@seasidehighspeed.com

Comments: I hope to be visiting Isle Madame this summer and am considering relocating from French Road (near Gabarus) down to your neck of the woods. I run an organic brick oven bakery featuring authentic pain au levain (sourdoughs) and want to be closer to a rural community with more of a population than I currently enjoy (French Road, pop. 19!, Gabarus pop. 75!)

I am wondering if there is a local market there, but also know that it's not far from St. Peters and Port H. I love sailing and will be passing by in a 45' gaff-rigged yawl in July which am bringing up from Chesapeake. Then I'll investigate further - provided I can find a good anchorage.

I speak French pretty well, but don't read it or write it well.

Date: 6/26/2014
Name: Don Bellefontaine Hocott
Location: Alabama &Margaree Harbour
E-Mail: poldon2@yahoo.com

Comments: My ancestors were in Arichat

Date: 8/8/2014
Name: Judy
Location: New York, U.S.A.
E-Mail: jclh24@optonline.net

Comments: I'm looking for information on my great grandfather:  Stephen Anthony Petitpas, born 1866 in D'Escousse. He was the 4th child, listed below. His family moved to Boston, Massachussetts 1880-1890 and changed their last name from Petitpas to Pitts. He married my great grandmother, Elizabeth Callander in Boston, and they had six children, and he worked as a fisherman. They separated in approximately 1902 and we don't know his whereabouts after that. If anyone had access to any information about the family,it would br greatly appreciated!

Immediate Family of Stephen Petitpas:

Etienne Petitpas (Marguerite Yvon-2, Etienne Charles-1) was born on 6 Aug 1837 in D'Escousse, NS.
Etienne Petitpas and Marie Kavanagh were married on 17 Jan 1859 in D'Escousse, NS. Marie Kavanagh (daughter of
Edward Kavanagh and Euphemie Bonin) was born on 4 Jan 1838 in D'Escousse, NS. She died on 12 Mar 1904 in Boston,
MA. Etienne Petitpas and Marie Kavanagh had the following children:
i. Edward Petitpas was born on 14 Dec 1859 in D'Escousse, NS.
ii. Seraphine Petitpas was born on 11 Feb 1862 in D'Escousse, NS.
iii. Sophia Petitpas was born on 4 May 1864 in D'Escousse, NS.
iv. Stephen Petitpas was born on 31 Aug 1866 in D'Escousse, NS.
v. Charles Petitpas was born on 26 Jun 1868 in D'Escousse, NS.
vi. Marie Agnes 'Alice' Petitpas was born on 30 Aug 1870 in D'Escousse, NS.
vii. Delina Petitpas was born on 19 Oct 1872 in D'Escousse, NS.
viii. Georgina Petitpas was born on 20 Sep 1874 in D'Escousse, NS.
ix. Desire Petitpas was born on 16 Jun 1878 in D'Escousse, NS. He died on 10 Jan 1879 in
D'Escousse, NS

Date: 12/9/2014
Name: Cait
Location: Ottawa
E-Mail: caitstone@gmail.com

Comments: Interested in family history - Pettipas of D'Escousse.

Date: 12/25/2014
Name: Martin Richards (Landry)
E-Mail: highroadsphoto@yahoo.com
Comments: I am part of the Landry and Boudreau families via my mother.

Name:  Terry   Leblanc    Location: Halifax   E-Mail: terrysglass@YMAIL.COM
Comments:    Just  pop in for a visit . Live in Arichat next to the old Jones Hotel or Arichat Hotel,  till it burnt in maybe 1964 .
Moved to west Arichat after , and went to Isle Madam High school.
Where has the time gone. Hi to anyone who might know me.

Terry Leblanc


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